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Professional Administrative and Peer Support for Report Writers

"Providing done-for-you admin services so you can focus on your clinical work"

Being a Single Expert Witness working with children and families is challenging but important work. We are a network of like minded mental health professionals who believe in collaboration and support.

The Family Report Writers Network aims to fill a much needed gap in the space of Single Experts working in isolation in Family Law and Children's Court matters. We provide complete virtual administration support for clinicians who want to work for themselves but hand over the time consuming tasks of admin. 

We understand how isolating it can be as a Family Report Writer in private practice, and that is why we also provide a space for professionals to connect with one another and to find support.

Handling New Enquires

Responding to litigants or legal representatives 

Representing clinicians areas of interest and expertise

Sending out clinicians CV, fees and availability and 

terms of engagement

Booking Reports

Liaising with third parties

Ensuring funds are

Receiving and compiling Orders and Letters of Instruction 

Sending out interview schedules with reminders

Organising the delivery of reading material 

Administrative Services Provided

Invoicing and Financial Reporting

Issuing invoices including non-refundable holding deposits 

Following up on payments due prior to interviews

Issuing receipts 

Availability of full financial reporting for tax purposes

Other Services

Sending completed Reports to Court and notifying parties

Liasing with third parties if cross-examination is required

Booking and invoicing for cross examination

The optional availability of beautifully appointed consulting 

rooms 20 minutes from Sydney CBD

Female Patient

Connect with other Report Writers for professional and peer support

We are here for clinicians that want to work for themselves but also don't want to be professionally isolated.

Now more than ever peer support and supervision is crucial to protect yourself, avoid burnout and thrive in your work as a Single Expert. 

All clinicians who are part of the Family Report Writers Network are invited to be part of:

A monthly online 'Mastermind' with their colleagues for peer supervision

Membership to a closed online LinkedIn Group to share information and connect with other professionals

Periodic organised social catch-ups to connect face to face and relax!

  • How do I join the Family Report Writers Network?
    Just contact us and we can arrange a 15 minute Zoom call to chat about your needs, answer any questions and talk through the next steps of getting you onboard!
  • How much does the Family Report Writers Network cost me?
    We are a virtual administration service as well as providing professional and peer support. We charge a percentage split on clinicians fees for Reports that are administratively handled by us. Please contact us for details.
  • Can I work under my own name and brand?
    Yes, absolutely. The Family Report Writers Network is only providing the administration for you. Clinicians are working for themselves under their own brand and name.
  • Can I work elsewhere whilst using your service?
    Yes, absolutely. Clinicians who are part of our network often have other work doing private therapy or work through the Courts as a Family Consultant. There is absolutely no restrictions on where you work.
  • Do I need to pay a fee during times I am not completing reports?
    No. Our fees are calculated as a percentage of the fees collected by you doing private Court Reports using our admin services. So if you want to take a break from Reports or take them on periodically, then you won't pay anything unless you are collecting fees yourself.
  • Do I need to complete a minimum number of Reports if using your service?
    No, you can take on Reports as frequently or infrequent you like! You work for yourself, so you set your own diary management.
  • Who sets the fees for my Court Reports?
    You do! You work for yourself as a private practitioner so you will set your own fee schedule.
  • Do I need to use your consulting rooms if I have my own practice?
    We have beautiful consulting rooms in South Hurstville, Sydney if any of our clinicians need a space to interview families. However, most of our clinicians have their own rooms and practices and work from there. There is the option to use our space (included in your fees) only if you want or need to.
  • Can I follow my own clinical methodology for conducting assessments?
    Absolutely. As you work for yourself you will have full control over how your assessments are conducted. During your onboarding process we will spend time documenting exactly how you want your assessments to be conducted. Clinicians in the network only follow our administrative procedures - which are include taking advantage of our pre-existing forms, engagement letters, policies and procedures.
  • Who are the admin staff who will be managing my matters? Can I contact them directly?
    Our staff are experienced and trained in the administrative side of conducting Expert Assessments for the Family Law Courts. They have already been doing this work for years and have made personal contacts and relationships with Family Lawyers in Australia. You can absolutely contact them within business hours and know that someone is personally managing your Report matters.
Admin Support Services


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